Product Category

Stamping Dies for Metal Parts

Type of DiesProgressive dies, Multi Station die, Transfer Die, Single Station dies.
Typical Applications 1.Covers and accessories of office equipments ( computer, printer, copier etc)
2. Household appliances (air conditioner, refrigerator etc)
3.Autombile supplies (for small structure parts)
4.Construction supplies (for small metal parts)
5. Furniture and hardware
6. Other industries which using metal parts
Maximum Die Size3000mm x 1000mm
MaterialsSKD-11 for main functional components
Die and Tool Life (Hits)200,000 to 300,000 hits (depends on the product thickness and complexity)
MachineryUse Sodick wire EDM machines for production of key components of the dies
Testing100% test of try out before delivery.
Tonnage of Tryout Press Machine40T,100T, 250T