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Flexible PCB Dies and Tooling

Established in 1996, our factory is specialized in design and manufacturing high precision flexible PCB punching dies and tooling. The products have been supplied to world-renowned flexible PCB manufacturers with excellent reputations. The products include:

• Pierce Die• Pierce & Blank Die
• Blank Die• Progression Pierce & Blank Die
• Compound Die• Coverlay Index Die

Material: cold-working die steel SKD 11, D2, #45. The punching dies are produced with high precision machineries and equipments. 100% tryout with a 40T~250T press machine ensures the fixed die performance in simulated production environment. Manufacturing Capability Maximum precision: ±0.005mm

Minimum holes size: ø 0.4mm (Irregular Shape Hole: 0.4mm x 0.4mm)

Minimum Radius: R=0.15mm

Tool Life: 400,000~600,000 times (Detail as Dies Operation Instruction)

Standard lead time: 10 days (+ 3 days courier delivery)

Please send your drawing in DXF format to for quote