About Apexyl

    With the rapid changes of the global economic landscape, emerging countries are becoming important components of the global supply chain. Most large American companies have gained significant competitive advantage and profit from their economic scale, which has allowed them to access global resources. Many of them have established their purchase centers outside of North America. Small and medium size manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada are becoming more competitive in facing the challenges of globalization. However, to look for foreign suppliers with quality products and competitive prices requires resources. In addition, the learning curve of sourcing abroad would be relatively long and costly to most organizations.

    With more than 17 years of successful experiences in doing international business of core team, Apexyl was established to close the gaps between what North American manufacturers need and what the international suppliers offer. Located in Ottawa, Canada, we work closely with North American companies to understand their needs and quickly respond to their inquiries; we have our own staff to ensure the quality and delivery on-site in the factories. We stand by you with reliable service through every step of the ordering process, allowing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Our mission: To become the prime provider of "offshore quality electronics and industrial supplies".

Our vision: To add value to our customers to gain competitive advantage by providing what they really need: the quality product at competitive price; speed of service and delivery; reliability and care.