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Vermiculite Fire-resistant Boards

    Apexyl supplies vermiculite 60 minutes fire-rated door core authorized to Warnock Hersey®(WHI) Mark[1] by Intertek® (Report# 3135707 and #100775773). The cores are being tested to meet following standards[2]:
UBC 7-2 (1997) Part 1: Testing Standards for Swinging Fire Doors
UL 10C (2001): Fire Tests of Door Assemblies- Positive Pressure
UL 10B (2008): Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
NFPA 252 (2008): Standard Methods for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
CAN4-S104 M80 R (1985): Standard Methods for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
ASTM E 2074-04: Standard Method of Fire Test of Door Assemblies
The core is made of vermiculite (hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate), one of the safest and unique minerals in the world, which contains no asbestos, ceramic or mineral fibers. This core remains an environmental-friendly product throughout all stages of manufacturing, installation, implementation, as well as burning. The major features of the core include:
1. Fire retardant - thermo shock resistance; maintains its shape and properties under temperatures as high as 1200 degree Celsius (2192 degree Fahrenheit).
2. Durable – does not disintegrate or decay; possesses outstanding antibacterial and mothproof properties.
3. Strength – superior endurance and dimensional stability; not brittle.
4. Insulation- excellent resistance to heat transfer and reduction in energy consumption; advanced acoustic properties.
5. Lightweight – the typical density of core is 400 ~ 600 kg/m3.
6. Machining -can be sanded and cut using machinery for woodworking.
7. Environmentally Friendly - process of manufacturing, installing and burning does not create byproducts that can be harmful to the population or the environment; does not release hazardous gases when burned.
8. Easy-to-Glue - does not require coating to hold the glue.
General<2400<94.488<120047.244<602.362400~600Different sizes and density are available
Maximum<2500<98.425<122048.0311003.9371100Special process are required
1. Fire-resistant core for fire doors
2. Heat Preservation and sound insulation board for walls
3. Fire resistant walls and ceilings
4. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens, fireplaces and firefight pipes etc.

[1] Intertek's Warnock Hersey WHI Mark is the industry standard for building products safety certification. Source:
[2] Source: Intertek Report# 3135707